15 Rom-Coms you MUST watch!

#15 - 27 Dresses (2008) Corny but cute and who doesn't love a good wedding? My biggest question though is who has so many friends that they are a bridesmaid in 27 weddings??? I either need to go out more or that is unrealistic af. Date idea = hydroplaning in a car, stumbling into a… Continue reading 15 Rom-Coms you MUST watch!


Youtubers You Must Watch!

Ah YouTube, my one true love. I honestly don't want to know how many hours DAYS of my life I have spent watching videos on YouTube. It's the place I go when I've had a bad day and need a laugh, when I'm in desperate need of fashion advice (you can get promo codes too!!)… Continue reading Youtubers You Must Watch!


What I got for Christmas 2017!

Decided to mix things up and film my first ever YouTube video! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Items mentioned: My Burberry Perfume Chanel Chance Perfume Yankee Candle Gift Set - 5pk UE Boom 2 - Cashmere (pink) The Aromatherapy Co Soy & Natural Wax Candle in 'sweet peony & pomegranate' - Myer #GirlBoss by… Continue reading What I got for Christmas 2017!