Top 3 apps for journalists // week 10

The rise of online journalism and social media as a news platform requires journalists to be able to provide quality content as soon as information becomes available. This can be a daunting task for many young journalists but the great news is there are a number of helpful apps out on the market for journalists to utilise. Here’s three of the best mobile phone apps that every journalist should check out!

  1. FiLMiC Pro

This app is a great tool for journalists, enabling them to create and post quality video content entirely from their mobile phone. Forget using camera equipment, software programs and computers in order to reach a deadline. FiLMiC Pro turns your run-of-the-mill phone camera into a high definition video camera. With this app technicalities including the shutter speed, focus, aspect ratios and colour temperature are under your control. Once complete, FiLMiC Pro allows you to share the video to FaceBook, Dropbox and Vimeo.

In a Muck Rack article Multimedia Shooter journalist Koci Hernandez praised the app. “It’s the best video recording app on the market,” he said. “It’s simple to fire-up and record something right away and advanced enough to record more complex documentaries.”

The video below provides a great overview of the app.


 2. Nuzzel

No need to spend hours searching the internet for important news updates or links. Nuzzel is an app designed to display the top trending news stories and hashtags. By typing a search term into Nuzzel, the app gathers the top stories regarding that topic from user generated content and major news organisations all over the world into one place. You can also connect your twitter account and view the top stories shared by friends.

Screenshot of Nuzzel’s story feed. Source: Nuzzel


In the same Muck Rack article Journalism Professor at University of Nebraska Matt Waite said he uses Nuzzel for news consumption. “Saves me so much time trolling through my twitter timeline for important links,” he said.

wk 10 pt 2.png
Screenshot of The Economist writer Glenn Fleishman who tweeted a link to an article via Nuzzel! Source: Twitter.

3. RebelMouse

Fed up with keeping track of your 7 different social media platforms in order to ensure your followers are viewing your content? Well, this app is a social media aggregator which automatically updates itself when you post content on any of your connected social media accounts. Followers of your account will be able to see everything you post across all of your different platforms in a quick and easy format. RebelMouse can even be embedded onto your blog or website.

In a Poynter Institute article  Huffington Post senior editor Craig Kanalley said he used RebelMouse during the 2012 elections. “I tweeted the best things I was finding from around the Web in terms of coverage, including the best photos and what other news organizations were doing, and it turned into a nice hub highlighting coverage,” he said. “It’s a really nice alternative ‘live’ platform outside of live blogging and live video.”

The video below provides a quick overview of RebelMouse.


While each app mentioned above is starkly different to the others, all three are great tools for journalists to use when creating content online.

For more useful apps check out the article tweeted by CNAjournalism!

wk 10.png


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