Youtubers You Must Watch!

Ah YouTube, my one true love.

I honestly don’t want to know how many hours DAYS of my life I have spent watching videos on YouTube. It’s the place I go when I’ve had a bad day and need a laugh, when I’m in desperate need of fashion advice (you can get promo codes too!!) or when I need some #fitspo and healthy eating tips. I truly believe there is a YouTube video for every occasion.

Therefore, here are some of my favourite YouTubers to hopefully help you with whatever mood/situation you’re in! You won’t regret it binge-watching them. Trust me, I’m an expert.

Claudia Sulewski

The perfect combo of fitness, lifestyle, fashion, motivation & vlogs. Claudia’s rise & grind attitude has certainly helped me get out of a slump once or 10,000 times. I’ve been watching her for years and she’s been a constant fave – surely that’s saying something!

Shani Grimmond 

An Aussie YouTuber who is currently killin’ the game! Shani is so talented when it comes to creating make-up looks & her recent jet-setting has led to some amazing and entertaining vlogs of her trips to the Maldives, Sri Lanka & the US.

The Dolan Twins

This is the channel I go to when I’m feeling down and need a good laugh. These two goofballs are crazy, hilarious and super creative when it comes to thinking up new and entertaining video ideas. Highly recommend!


The Queen of Vlogmas. I dare you to find another YouTuber whose Christmas vlogs put you in a more festive mood than Zoe’s. While her vlogs do tend to reach the 30 min mark, they are the perfect rainy-day-stay-in-bed recipe when mixed with a hot chocolate (yes,  I did do this today, why are you surprised?). Zoe’s videos are like having a conversation with an older sister – love.

Keaton Milburn

Love her style and personality, not to mention her music taste! Keaton does a lot of fashion hauls, “drive with me’s” (where she jams out to her fave songs while driving around) and lifestyle videos/vlogs. Super real & super fun.

Bella Fiori 

Another Australian YouTuber – can’t blame me for hyping up my fellow Aussies! Bella’s channel is an interesting mix of fashion/beauty and crime/unsolved mystery videos. I’m OBSESSED with her ‘Mystery Monday’ series and I’m sure you will be too!

Well that wraps up my top 6 favourite YouTubers of the moment. I must say it was very difficult to narrow it down but these creators all put out entertaining, quality content on a REGULAR basis which I love.

Let me know if you decide to check out any of the YouTubers on my list and also who your fave YouTubers are in the comments below!

G x


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